Parenting win… Camden is potty trained and it’s all I talk about

Potty training… it’s one of the grossest things you will do as a parent; so far… besides that whole labor and delivery thing! Potty training… you’ll get peed on, you’ll find poop in places you never dreamed of and your laundry skills will improve with each wash.

So what’s my point? Potty training is exhausting. It takes forever. Some parents rave about their 2 year old who is already out of diapers. Other parents are crying because their almost 4 year old continues to poop his or her pants. You’re doing a great job! Don’t forget it. Camden is 3 and almost 2 months and he’s officially potty trained. Well, he still has to sleep in a pull up like any kid his age… but, he’s finally willing to sit on the toilet and let it rip!

That’s my parenting win. That’s what I talk about when my friends ask how I am. That’s what I tell people about because I’m so excited for my little man and well, this is parenting. So to those who get confused why I say all of this stuff… get over it! It’s my excitement and you were sitting on the same toilet way back when, struggling to not poop your pants! 😂

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