Getting ready for baby Kate

HELLO THIRD TRIMESTER! We’re two thirds of the way done and that much closer to meeting our little girl.

Kathryn Sadler Bazzle aka “Kate” is due August 14 and we’re so excited to meet her. So how did we decide on her name? Here’s a little history on Kathryn and Sadler…

Kathryn was my middle name and I love the name “Kate.” We’re going to call her Kate most of the time. Kathryn will come in handy when she’s testing us, because we all know, she’s my daughter, she’s going to test us. 🙂 Sadler is my maternal Grandmother’s (Pat Carrigan) maiden name. My great grandparents, Gladys and Herbie Sadler owned a crab house in Eastport, MD. The crab house was “Sadler’s Crab House.” Nowadays, the crab house is gone but the house my great grandparents lived in is occupied by a restaurant called O’Leary’s. Herbie Sadler was a very popular waterman in Annapolis. My great grandmother Gladys was named the “First Lady of Eastport” before she died in 2001. My mom grew up picking crabmeat in Sadler’s Crab House and my Dad spent his days on the water crabbing with Herbie and the other watermen. As you can imagine, there are a lot of great stories behind the name Sadler. We’re so happy Kathryn gets to carry those on with her name.

I’ve started decorating Kate’s nursery and it’s coming along, slowly but surely. The main theme is Lilly Pulitzer and mermaids and thank goodness Pottery Barn Kids and Lilly teamed up for a collaboration and created their “Mermaid Cove” pattern because I’m obsessed!

Check out some of the pictures of Kate’s room (so far).

We’re getting ready for her arrival. The Chicco car seat is here and we’re ready to install it and I need to get my hospital bag packed soon. Time is flying but it also feels like it’s taking forever to get to August.

Can’t wait to share more as we get closer to the big day! 🙂



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